Table 3

Association of star tobacco use and other variables

VariableFavourite star tobacco use score (% in each category)p Value
012⩾ 3
Total sample52.723.420.93.0
Respondent characteristics
Grade in school

 Female44.419.933.010.0< 0.0001
Family and friend smoking
 Family only62.517.515.05.0
 Friends only52.422.720.54.3
 Both 52.422.422.42.1
Receptivity to tobacco promotions
Smoking status3-150
 Non-susceptible/never smoker57.228.412.71.70.004
 Susceptible/never smoker42.627.723.46.4
 Current/experimenter 54.616.421.87.3
  • 3-150 A respondent is susceptible to smoking if unable to answer “definitely not” to the following questions: “Do you think you will try a cigarette in the next 6 months?” and “Would you smoke a cigarette if your friend offered you one?” Experimental smokers have smoked 1–99 cigarettes in their lifetime, and smokers have smoked ⩾ 100 cigarettes in their lifetime. Current smoking is smoking within the past 30 days.