Table 4

Economic costs of smoking in Korea, population over the age of 35, 1998

Disease specific approachAll causes approach
Types of costsCurrent 
 smokersEx-smokersTotal (current + ex-smokers)Current 
 smokersEx-smokersTotal (current + ex-smokers)
unit: million dollars.
*Medical costs include treatment cost for hospitalization and physician visits.
†As a proxy measure for the economic value of the years remaining after the age of 65, the average annual wage rate for the age group between 60 and 64 was chosen.
‡As a sensitivity analysis, the premature death costs were recalculated by applying 50%, instead of 100%, of the average annual wage rate for the group aged between 60–64 years of age.
Medical costs*130.2564.00194.25−88.08−0.002−88.09
Absence from work39.3318.1757.50-12.5029.0016.50
Premature death2089.92† (1567.17)‡587.92† (423.33)‡2677.83† (1990.50)‡3813.42† (2652.00)‡838.83† (574.75)†4652.25† (3226.75)†
Total 2278.42† (1755.67)‡678.33† (513.75)‡2956.75(2269.42)3700.67† (2539.25)‡879.58† (615.50)‡4580.25(3154.75)