Table 1

Household characteristics of patch and gum purchasers

Current sampleNational Household Interview Survey*
Patch (n=2050)Gum (n=805)Patch (n=497)Gum (n=149)
Table entries are means (with associated standard error) or percentages.
*For smokers who reported using each product in a quit effort in the preceding year.22
†Refers to either male or female adult in household.
Average months in panel39.6 (0.30)39.0 (0.51)
Average household size2.6 (0.03)2.5 (0.05)2.7 (0.08)2.8 (0.14)
Median household income$42500$47500$40000$40000
% White93.194.690.193.6
% Married64.962.056.368.0
% Employed†79.879.077.781.0
% Any college education†73.880.062.569.5