Table 2

Multivariate odds of being a non-smoker associated with various tobacco control policies, Canada, age 25+

Odds ratio95% CIp ValueOdds ratio95% CIp Value
Price of cigarettes1.021.00 to to 1.020.05
Public education expenditure1.361.09 to 1.700.011.130.91 to 1.39NS
Clean air bylaw restrictions0.990.97 to 1.01NS1.021.00 to 1.040.03
Provisions for enforcing bylaw1.211.00 to 1.460.050.990.83 to 1.19NS
Bylaw signage requirements1.251.01 to 1.550.040.870.70 to 1.08NS
  • CI, confidence interval; NS, not significant