Table 3

Amount smoked daily associated with various tobacco control policies, Canada, daily smokers age 25+, 1996-97

Estimate (No. cigs)95% CIp ValueEstimate (No. cigs)95% CIp Value
Tax cut in Feb 199412.40.8 to−0.7 to 19.30.05
Current price of cigarettes0.1−0.9 to 0.3NS0.1−0.1 to 0.3NS
Interaction: current price × tax cut in February 1994−0.3−0.6 to −0.00.02−0.2−0.5 to 0.00.07
Public education expenditure−2.7−4.6 to −0.8< 0.001−0.9−0.1 to 0.3NS
Clean air bylaw restrictions−0.1−0.2 to 0.1NS−0.1−0.3 to 0.10.05
Provisions for enforcing bylaw−0.3−1.6 to 1.0NS0.7−0.8 to 2.2NS
Bylaw signage requirements0.0−1.9 to 2.0NS0.6−1.4 to 2.5NS