Table 3

Policy effects in terms of per cent increase in quit rates*

Access policy(1) Full coverage with BI(2) Full coverage without BI(3) Policies increase use by 100%(4) Policies increase use by 200%(5) No diminished returns in effectiveness(6) No substitution from other treatments(7) Cases 4, 5, and 6
*Per cent change is measured relative the absence of any policy. Rx PT, prescription pharmacotherapy; BI, brief interventions.
Rx PT only9.016.314.923.120.325.837.0
All PTs13.521.126.846.928.937.684.5
Behavioural only4.411.415.824.814.616.438.8
Behavioural and Rx PT13.621.217.327.929.931.538.8
Flexible policy19.827.832.257.743.150.090.6
No access policy6.7