Table 4

Theoretical policy changes required to achieve specified reductions in the prevalence of smoking, by sex, adults age 25+, Canada

To reduce prevalence from 25% to:
Target for not smoking (%)77778080
Target odds,not smoking (p/1−p)3.33.344
Base odds,not smoking (p/1−p)3333
% increase in odds required101033.333.3
Change policies as follows:
Increase price (%)213369111
 i.e. add $/pack$0.60$0.98$2.01$3.26
Or increase education spending (%)34.6?115.3?
 i.e. add $/capita$0.30$1.00
Or ... upgrade restrictions to bans (%)?73?244
 i.e. number of changed locations4.314.5
  • ? = impact unclear, according to the model.