Table 2

Ranking of sources of tobacco according to how frequently youths reported obtaining tobacco from each source

How often have you gotten cigarettes from each of these sources? (n=68)
Source Mean2-151
Friends gave them2.5
Gave someone over 18 money to buy them for me2.2
Bought them in a store2-150 2.1
Gave money to a stranger to buy them for me1.3
Gave money to someone under 18 to buy them for me1.2
Brother or sister gave them1.1
My parent gave them to me2-150 1.1
Stole them from a parent or relative1.1
Other relative gave them1.0
Bought from a vending machine2-150 0.7
Stole from a store0.5
  • 2-150 Includes only youths under 18 years of age (n = 55).

  • 2-151 0 = never, 1 = hardly ever, 2 = sometimes, 3 = most of the time.