Table 5

Cigarette acquisition by participants from named friends

Participant is an occasional smokerParticipant is a regular smoker
Friend is a non-smokerFriend is a smokerFriend is a non-smokerFriend is a smoker
Cigarette acquisition from friendn%*n%*n%*n%*
*Percentage of total number of participants naming friends in this category except for “no friend in this category” which is a percentage of all participants in that smoking category. Categories are not exclusive.
Participants naming 1+ friend/s in school
    Buys from friend4223.62420.91532.61734.7
    Gets free from friend5631.54740.91123.92551.0
    Asks friend to buy from a shop84.5108.736.5714.3
    Does not obtain9352.24740.92145.7714.3
    No friend in this category3616.89946.31625.81321.0
Participants naming 1+ friend(s) outside school
    Buys from friend24.713.800.0533.3
    Gets free from friend614.0726.9233.3640.0
    Asks friend to buy from a shop24.7415.4116.716.7
    Does not obtain3479.11557.7466.7640.0
    No friend in this category17179.918887.95690.34775.8