Table 4

Parental current tobacco use at baseline as risk factor for adolescents’ current use of tobacco in the eighth grade

Only snus 
 (boys)Only cigarettes 
 (both sexes)Both cigarettes 
 and snus (boys)
Exposure to:OR95 % CIOR95 % CIOR95 % CI
*Adjusted for the other parent’s use of tobacco (any v none).
Mother’s tobacco use*
    No tobacco use1.01.01.0
    Only snus4.20.8 to to 5.7
    Only cigarettes1.80.8 to to to 3.8
    Both cigarettes and snus4.50.5 to to 16.1
Father’s tobacco use*
    No tobacco use1.01.01.0
    Only snus3.01.4 to to to 3.8
    Only cigarettes1.20.4 to to to 5.2
    Both cigarettes and snus1.90.5 to to to 9.3
Parents’ use of tobacco
    Neither parent1.01.01.0
    One parent1.30.6 to to to 3.0
    Both parents4.62.1 to to to 7.5