Table 1

Affiliations of people who submitted written commentary or testified on the Maryland and Washington Indoor Air Regulations by position toward the regulation

For (n=188)Against (n=157)For (n=141)Against (n=52)
Other industry/corporation 32213236
Small business owners2312171116111835
Business/merchant organisation s3224152136
Labour organisation 211490012
Private practice/consulting95430048
Government 281564171224
Lay activist organisation532811322300
Health professional organisation/provider10500342400
No affiliation 3720342232231223
Unknown affiliation/other32001100
p = 0.0001 Pearson χ2 p = 0.0001 Pearson χ2
  • The χ2 statistic was used to test for differences in the distribution of affiliations between commentators in support of the regulation and commentators against. The distribution of affiliations was significantly different between the two groups in both Maryland and Washington.