Table 1

Types and definitions of advertising materials collected at stores

Measure Definition
1) Type of material
SignsNumber of signs that are posters, banners or lighted signs made by a cigarette manufacturer that are not part of other existing items such as displays or overhead bins. Categorised by size including < or ⩾ 14 square feet to determine compliance with Master Settlement Agreement provisions to limit size to 14 square feet
DisplaysNumber of displays with brand specific advertising including freestanding racks provided by the manufacturer for the display of cigarette products and plexi-glass enclosed packs of cigarettes that are visible but inaccessible to consumers and clerks.
Functional itemsNumber of brand specific items that have utility (for example, branded shopping baskets, clocks, and overhead bins)
2) Location
ExteriorNumber of materials located on the outside of the store including on windows, doors, the building and sidewalk, or in the parking lot. Signs posted on the inside of the store, but facing outside were counted as exterior.
InteriorNumber of materials located inside the store including those attached to window or door excluding those facing outside. Recorded as “near” if on, behind, or within 4 feet of the counter/checkout area, or “far” if more than 4 feet away from counter/checkout area
3) Placement
Below 3 feetPresence or absence of advertising materials at or below 3 feet from the floor
Next to candyPresence or absence of displays within 6 inches of candy (sweets)