Table 3

Latency period between the onset of monthly smoking and the appearance of the listed symptoms of dependence among 332 youths who had ever tried tobacco

SymptomsTotal number of smokers reporting this symptomMedian latency from monthly smoking to symptom onset (days)Mean latency (days)SD (days)Range (days)1st quartile (days)2nd quartile (days)3rd quartile (days)
*Negative numbers indicate that the symptom preceded the onset of monthly smoking.
†The wording of this item is “do you smoke now because it is really hard to quit?” The dates associated with this item represent the date of the interview and not the date when the symptom first appeared.
1) Failed quit attempt74219359366−212 to 1440*86218528
2) Really hard to quit†3458963036975 to 1597366587845
3) Felt addicted662153784170 to 150232187620
4) Strong cravings86141277389− 500 to 148420131447
5) Really needed a cigarette91179241393− 1049 to 128715179439
6) Hard to refrain43316424487− 292 to 202599316608
7) Hard to concentrate57215393419− 292 to 150262215570
8) Irritable68213366416− 487 to 150251197608
9) Strong need or urge79202364432− 710 to 170754202547
10) Nervous, restless or anxious68330371404− 609 to 170761304522
11) Sad, blue or depressed34200389516− 547 to 143061194861