Table 1

Costs of US military training and its relation to smoking

Smoking prevalence (%) Number trained Discharged in first year No. discharged associated with smoking Excess cost of training smokers1-151
Air Force28.5290444055 (14.0%)629$18115200
Army1-150 41.0507994978 (9.8%)1040$29952000
Navy1-150 39.0510186938 (13.6%)1393$40118400
Marines1-150 44.7367186683 (18.2%)1494$43027200
  • 1-150 Assumes identical ratio to data collected in the US Air Force: 11.8% of non-smokers discharged compared to 19.4% of smokers.

  • 1-151 The uniform cost of $28800 for one year of training across all service branches is used.