Table 2

Estimation daily nicotine intake and intake per cigarette smoked by cigarette nicotine yield

Nicotine yield (mg/cigarette)
VariablesUltra low yield (0–0.1) n=19Low yield (0.1–<0.6) n=88Medium yield (0.6–<1.0) n=102High yield (≥1.0) n=37ANOVA
*Urinary nicotine metabolite concentrations were defined as summing up urinary nicotine, cotinine, and trans-3`-hydroxycotinine concentrations.
Urinary nicotine metabolite concentrations (μg/g creatinine)*, mean (SD)3582 (2350)5931 (4408)6616 (4093)7716 (3491)F=4.87 p=0.0026
Estimated daily nicotine intake (mg), mean (SD)15.8 (10.7)26.0 (23.8)31.8 (27.2)34.5 (19.4)F=3.45 p=0.0174
Self reported daily cigarette consumption, mean (SD)25.3 (9.0)26.7 (10.8)25.1 (11.6)26.5 (8.3)F=0.43 p=0.734
Estimated intake of nicotine (mg) per cigarette smoked, mean (SD)0.59 (0.32)1.01 (0.86)1.27 (0.82)1.36 (0.82)F=5.5 p=0.0011