Table 2

Number of matches versus unique documents produced by title searches performed on the 4B index at the Minnesota Depository versus tobacco company websites.

CompanyDocuments with matched Bates numbersDocuments unique to Minnesota title swarchDocuments unique to website title search
The data reflects the results from the “blue and collar” and “strategy” (date limited) searches as well as to the four additional searches performed on the Tobacco Industry databases.
*The data on the Tobacco Institute includes the results of four additional search strings: (1) “target or targeted or targeting or targets or targeted”; (2) “tennis and (slim or slims or vs)”; (3) “lifestyle or lifestyles”; and (4) “strategy” without date range limitations.
American Tobacco 73 6 5
Brown & Williamson 138 44 22
Lorillard 91 20 90
Philip Morris 526 49352
RJR 547 0147
Tobacco Institute* 629 0217