Table 4

Tobacco industry document resources

Litigant partiesInternet addresses for document repositories*
Philip Morris, Incorporated Document Site
RJ Reynolds Company Online Litigation Document Website
Lorillard Tobacco Company Document Site
American Tobacco Company
Brown & Williamson Litigation Discovery Website
Tobacco Institute
Council for Tobacco Research
Additional sources for document collectionsInternet addresses or phone number
*The website has links to these websites and serves as a useful “homepage” for your browser.
Tobacco Control Archives at University of California, San Francisco:
Current Collections (500+):
Brown & Williamson Collection: The Cigarette Papers
Joe Camel Campaign: Mangini v. RJ Reynolds
British-American Tobacco Company Collection
Tobacco Documents OnLine (TDO)
Current Public Collections (500+ Documents):
The Roswell Park Bliley Collection (Philip Morris and Tobacco Institute)
The Roswell Youth and Marketing Collection
Massachusetts Tobacco Control Program Documents
USC Tobacco Industry Monitoring Project Collection
The Centers for Disease Control, Public Access to Tobacco Industry Documents
The Minnesota Tobacco Document Depository Information Line(800) 526-8886 (USA only)