Table 1

Chronology of communications research for Player’s Premiere

Project Image (August 1993 and earlier)
  • Confirmed the greatest unmet consumer need was a product with “reduced irritation”

Tomahawk Wave I (September 1993)
  • Defined the ideal cigarette properties

  • Determined the most suitable trademark(s) as a platform

  • Explored initial concepts best suited for communicating the positioning

Tomahawk Wave II (November 1993)
  • Gained direction of the appropriate vocabulary to use

  • Gained direction of potential qualifiers (brand names)

  • Gained direction of potential concept statements

  • Obtained a more in-depth knowledge of appropriate product characteristics

  • Gained direction on identifying the most effective package designs

Tomahawk Wave III (March 1994)
  • Gained an understanding of further refinements to the results of previous waves

  • Examined “support” features, but none provided “tangible credibility”

  • Gained an understanding of the acceptance of foreign tobacco to enhance smoothness

Tomahawk IV (Interim Tomahawk) (April 1995)
  • Understand the success of the competitive Export Medium brand in Quebec

  • Reconfirmed that Tomahawk is the answer

    • –to Export Medium’s challenge, and

    • –to the need for a cigarette with improved taste to irritation ratio

Tomahawk V (December 1995)
  • Determined which product elements best deliver perceived product attributes

  • Determined the most effective combination of communication elements (packaging, qualifiers, concept statements)

Interim Tomahawk Research (May 1996)
  • Understand contribution of the Caviflex filter to believability of the concept

  • Identified concerns consumer might have regarding Caviflex filter

  • Determined if communication needed about the contents of the filter chamber

  • Verified that learning re: CR-20 filter holds true

  • Studied the effective method for delivering the identified message

Interim Tomahawk Total Offer Research (June 1996)
  • Assessed consumer reaction to three different concepts

  • Assessed consumer perceptions “from a suggested imagery” perspective

  • Evaluated how perceptions change at varying levels of exposure

  • Determined reactions to a promotional package with phosphorescent lettering

Interim Tomahawk Research (July 1996)
  • Examined the finalised communications strategy

  • Sought a full understanding of consumers’ interpretations from the communications

  • Fine tuned communication message re: Caviflex filter.

  • Determined if consumer perceived the Caviflex concept as healthier

  • Explored reactions to a “new and improved” Tomahawk in the future

  • Sought to understand why some consumers reject the concept totally

Post Launch Assessment (January 1997)
  • Does Player’s Premiere (PP) effect the Player’s trademark negatively?

  • Does PP have an impact on the fibreglass rumour?

  • Do consumers understand PP?

  • How and where did consumers get the message about the filter?

  • Does Premiere deliver on its promise?

Tomahawk Retail Survey (March 1997)
  • Understand which trade focused activities are most effective

  • Do retailers comprehend the Premiere concept?

Bar Promotion/Research (April 1997)
  • Awareness of new cigarette products

  • Recall of means of awareness

  • Recall of Premiere’s uniqueness

  • Understand role of word-of-mouth.

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