Table 5

The trial court’s judgment (highlights re: Premiere)

Judge André Denis, Superior Court of Quebec.
Decision in JTI-Macdonald et al vs. AG of Canada, December 2002.
[124] Imperial Tobacco launched its Premiere brand claiming it was less irritating to the throat, but Mr. Ricard cannot explain how this was so because I.T.L. commissioned no medical or scientific studies to back its claims
[215] The introduction of Player’s Premiere is a mere advertising ploy. There is no scientific evidence supporting the notion that the brand is less irritating to smokers’ throats. Three years after its introduction, we are still trying to figure out the nature of the magic tobacco formula trumpeted at the launch of
 this brand of cigarette
[216] The same is true of the so-called special filters specific to Premiere-brand cigarettes, which are in no way different from the filters that have been in use for years. As is the case with all carbon filters, the industry is unable to say precisely how they are more effective
[237] The launch of the Player’s Premiere brand of cigarettes, supposedly less irritating to the throat, is nothing more than a massive marketing ploy that . . .is no different from ordinary cigarettes
[528] Fact: the supposedly less-irritating cigarette is merely the creation of a tobacco company’s marketing department; filters allow every single carcinogenic gas contained in cigarette smoke to pass through; and there is no such thing as a “light” or “healthier” cigarette