Table 2

Estimates of 40 year working lifetime excess mortality risk from lung cancer associated with secondhand smoke exposure among workers in bowling alleys, billiard halls, betting establishments, bars, and bingo parlours*

Type of workplaceWeighted mean nicotine concentrations (μg/m3) and range†Lung cancer mortality riskLower range of mortality riskUpper range of mortality risk
*Mortality risk estimated using method developed by Repace and Lowrey12 for ambient nicotine values. For bingo workers, 2 hours of exposure twice a week are assumed, compared to a 40 hour work week for all other workers. Note that although the estimates are based on a working life (40 years) of exposure, the excess deaths could occur post-working life.
†Weighted mean nicotine concentrations are from table 1. Range represents range of mean nicotine concentrations from individual studies.
‡Assumes 2 hours of exposure twice a week.
Betting establishments9.8 (8.0–10.7)0.00130.00110.0014
Bowling alleys10.5 (10.1–10.7)0.00140.00130.0014
Billiard halls13.0 (9.8–19.4)0.00170.00130.0026
Bars31.1 (7.4–105.4)0.00410.00100.0140
Bingo parlours76.0 (65.5–81.2)0.0010‡0.00090.0011