Table 1

Concentrations of nicotine recorded in public places in the city of Barcelona

LocationsSampling time (days)*Nicotine concentration (μg/m2)
*The monitors were left exposed for 24 hours a day.
†All connections where measures were taken from corresponded to different sites.
‡The same hospital where the canteen's measurement were taken from.
Underground (subway) stations (mean)2.2
    Connection 1†73.8
    Connection 272.1
    Connection 374.1
Restaurants (mean)12.4
    Main dining room (no division)710.6
    Hospital A canteen (non-smoking area)711.5
    Hospital A canteen (smoking area)715.0
Large stores (mean)2.8
    Store A, floor 170.7
    Store A, floor 270.4
    Store B, information centre136.2
    Store B, hall133.9
Medical school (mean)0.9
    Corridor 172.1
    Corridor 270.0
Language school (mean)2.3
    Hall 173.0
    Hall 271.7
Secondary school (mean)9.5
    Teacher's room79.5
Hospitals (mean)0.7
    Hospital B, newborns inpatients70.0
    Hospital B, paediatric outpatients110.2
    Hospital A‡, emergency department71.0
    Hospital A, radiography department (emergencies)71.6
General practice (mean)1.1
    Doctor's room72.0
Public health centre (mean)3.7
Households, non-smokers (mean)0.0
    House A, living room 190.0
    House B, living room 280.0
    House B, bedroom80.0
Households, smokers (mean)7.9
    House C, living room77.9