Table 1

Eye care professionals' attitudes, beliefs, and perceived barriers regarding intervention with tobacco using patients

Ophthalmologists (n=422) (%)Optometrists (n=629) (%)
    Years in practice23 (SD 11.33)16 (SD 11.23)
    Sex85% male72% male
Tobacco related behaviours: “How often do you . . .”
    Ask patients about tobacco use?7138
    Sometimes advise patients to quit tobacco?9181
    Regularly advise patients to quit tobacco?3016
    Provide educational materials on the ocular effects of tobacco use?56
Barriers to intervening with smokers
    Lack of time8370
    Lack of patient materials6779
    Lack of training6478
    Lack of referral resources6376
    Concerns about effectiveness6369
    Concerns about patient resistance or loss6172
    Lack of reimbursement mechanism5752
    Concerns about office staff resistance3240
Attitudes about intervening with smokers
    Believe it is appropriate for them to document patients' tobacco use8169
    Believe it is appropriate for them to advise patients to quit tobacco8271
    Interested in learning new ways to help patients quit tobacco7480