Table 2

Characteristics of those who patronise social venues at least monthly and less than monthly

nAt least monthly (n=409)Less than monthly (n=188)p Value
†This differs from the level reported in the text because this is an unweighted figure.
Percentage of total†59768.531.5
Age (% <30)59433.59.00.000***
Sex (% female)59749.169.70.000***
Education (% less)59550.563.10.004**
Nicotine dependence (% yes)59749.954.80.265
Made quit attempts (% yes)59179.381.20.588
Safe number of cigarettes (% yes)59714.412.20.470
Bans (% approve/neither)57964.775.80.008**
Stage of change (precontemplation)59751.858.50.128