Table 3

Differences between those likely or not likely to quit if bans

nLikely (n=100)Not likely (n=309)p ValueOdds ratio (95% CI)p Value
†This differs from the level reported in the text because this is an unweighted figure.
CI, confidence interval.
Percentage of total†40924.475.5
Age (% <30 years)39547.029.20.001**1.73 (1.03 to 2.88)0.037**
Sex (% female)39845.050.70.326
Education (% less)39749.050.50.795
Nicotine dependence (%yes)39844.052.30.148
Made quit attempts (% yes)39484.877.30.109
Safe number of cigarettes (% yes)39819.012.80.123
Socially cued smoker (yes)39885.064.80.000***2.64 (1.40 to 5.00)0.003**
Bans (%approve/neither)38879.858.80.000***2.44 (1.39 to 4.30)0.002**
Stage of change (precontemplation)39835.056.40.000***2.22 (1.35 to 3.67)0.002**