Table 4

Differences between socially cued smokers and not socially cued smokers

nCued (n=287)Not cued (n=122)p ValueOdds ratio (95% CI)p Value
†This differs from the level reported in the text because this is an unweighted figure.
CI, confidence interval.
Percentage of total†40970.229.8
Age (% <30 years)40642.512.40.000***6.15 (3.32 to 11.42)0.000***
Sex (% female)40951.244.30.198
Education (% less)40850.350.80.931
Nicotine dependence (% yes)40945.659.80.009**
Made quit attempts (% yes)40582.372.10.020**2.60 (1.47 to 4.59)0.001**
Safe number of cigarettes (% yes)40917.18.20.019**2.25 (1.06 to 4.76)0.034**
Bans (% approve/neither)39764.764.70.994
Stage of change (precontemplation)40949.856.60.213
Likely to quit if bans (more)39830.612.50.000***