Table 1

Timeline for the Latin Project

  • Latin Project initiated by PM and BAT “in anticipation of, rather than in reaction to, the full-force arrival of the ETS issue to Central and South America.”13

  • C&B to handle the project to avoid industry exposure

  • Central American Field Study started by Maria Alfaro and Cesar Gonzalez

  • CIAR funds study in offices and restaurants in Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • Argentinian President Menem vetoes “The Neri Bill”

  • Thirteen consultants had already been recruited from Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Brazil

  • Carlos Alvarez and Bruno Burger publish the review “Relation of smoking in the environment with coronary disease”86

  • The CIESPAL symposium is held in Quito, Ecuador

  • The “Second International Symposium on New Advances in Ambient Air and Cardio-respiratory Illnesses” is held in Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Lionel Gil publishes the paper entitled “Influence of outdoor pollution on indoor air quality”81

  • CIAR funds Antonio Miguel to conduct a study on IAQ in Brazil and Chile

  • Last documents found that evidence that the project is still running in 1998