Table 2

Known individuals who participated in the Latin Project

NameCountryAffiliationActivitiesPayment for 1994
Payments in US$; NA, not available.
Dr Maria del Rosario AlfaroCosta RicaNational University of Costa Rica60Central American Field Study, author of CIESPAL summary38$2500014,62
Dr Carlos B AlvarezArgentinaDirector of the Institute of Cardiovascular Clinics32Review relationship between SHS and CHD, lobbied President Menem, and Buenos Aires symposium organiser41,86$5000014
Dr Francisco Aquino NetoBrazilProfessor of Chemistry, Federal University of Rio de JaneiroInitial training session and IAQ study70NA32
AmbioConsultVenezuelaNAIAQ study in Caracas$2000014
Dr Alonso Armijos LunaEcuadorNational University of Loja Medical School (Dean)Initial training session26NA
Dr Luiz BrittoBrazilNAContact developed in 199723NA
Dr Pedro BucklerBrazilNAMonitor government activitiesMembership fee in the Brazilian IAQ Society24
Dr Bruno BurgerVenezuelaChief of Cardiology, Centro M├ędico Docente, Caracas, Venezuela32Review: Relationship between SHS and CHD41,86$1000014
Dr Jari Cardoso NobregaBrazilProfessor of Chemistry, Federal University of Rio de JaneiroInitial training session and IAQ study70NA32
Dr Hector CroxattoChileCatholic University of ChileInitial training sessionNA32
Dr Osvaldo FustinoniArgentinaPresident of the National Academy of Sciences of Buenos AiresBuenos Aires symposium41NA32
Dr Lionel Gil (toxicologist)ChileUniversity of Chile Medical School26,62Influence of outdoor pollution on IAQ paper published40,81$2000014
Dr Luis Fernando de Goes SiqueiraBrazilNAIAQ study in Chile and Brazil71NA
Dr Cesar L Gonzalez CGuatemalaUniversity of San Carlos, School of Medicine57Central American Field Study38$1000014
Dr Eduardo GrosArgentinaProfessor of Organic Chemistry, University of Buenos AiresInitial training sessionNA32
Guillermo Guesse (architect)Chile26NANANA
Dr Ricardo KatzChileNAMonitor government activities on IAQ regulations24NA
Dr Remigio Lopez (biochemist)ChileUniversity of Chile Medical School.26Influence of outdoor pollution on IAQ40$1500014
Dr Raoul MatteraArgentinaNAMonitor anti-tobacco legislation111NA
Dr Antonio MiguelBrazilUniversity of Sao Paulo32IAQ study in Chile and Brazil (1998)70,72$2000014
Dr Celio Paul MottaBrazilEpidemiologistInitial training sessionNA32,112
Dr Jean RaadEcuadorNAIAQ study in Ecuador and attended Tokyo Symposium39,62$2000014
Dr Francisco RadlerBrazilNAMonitor government activities on IAQ regulations24,112NA
Dr Juan TenorioEcuadorUpjohn Company in QuitoTranslations for Dr Raad in Tokyo symposium39$100039
Dr Sergio Tezanos-PintoChileUniversity of Valparaiso26Initial training sessionNA113
Dr Eduardo SouchonVenezuelaNAInitial training sessionNA113