Table 3

Some industry funded indoor air quality (IAQ) studies in Latin America

Name (year)ContributorsPublication/promotion (if known)Budget
*Tobacco industry funded Healthy Building International; NA, not available.
Central American Field Study (1992-93)Alfaro GonzalezCIESPAL symposium62$136000 (CIAR and Latin Project)38,60,114
IAQ Study, Argentina (1994)Argentine consultants with Gil or AmbioconsultNA$15000013,14
IAQ Study in Quito, Ecuador (1993)Raad with HBI*CIESPAL symposium62NA
Characterisation of IAQ in the cities of Sao Paulo and Rio, Brazil (1993)Miguel, Aquino Neto, CardosoEnvironmental Science and Technology$72760 (CIAR) (1992-93)70
IAQ Study, Chile (1994)GilRevista Medica Chilena81$10000013
Sick Building Syndrome Study, Brazil (1994)Siqueira, Cardoso, MiguelNA$5000014,18
Aircraft Study, Brazil (1994)Consultants from Federal University of Rio de JaneiroNA$1500014
IAQ Study, Venezuela (1993)Lcd. Elba ContrerasCIESPAL symposium62$10000013