Table 2

Partial list of people involved at ASHRAE with tobacco industry ties, 1981–2001*

NameASHRAE involvementTobacco industry links
*This is not a comprehensive list, but a minimum list. There could be both more people, not listed, and more activities by those listed. CIAR, Center for Indoor Air Research; PM, Philip Morris, RJR, RJ Reynolds.
Apple, BillAppendix S subcommitteePM employee15,175–177
Benda, GeorgeParticipates in meetings and subcommitteesTobacco industry consultant15,178–184
Binnie, Peter Healthy Buildings InternationalAttended committee meetingsTobacco industry consultant177,185
Bohanon, HoyNon-voting member, ASHRAE 62 committee; participated in subcommittee level developing 62-1999 (appendix S)RJR employee 87,93,186
Cammer, Paul Business Council for Indoor AirAttended committee meetings 66, 187
Daylor, FLTC 2.3 Secretary (1987–1992?)PM employee21,175,177,188–190
Fickes, Edward (Ed)Participated in the committees that developed standard 62-1989 and standard 62-1999 (also appendix S)Tobacco Institute representative, later Philip Morris representative19,186,191–194
Hirnikel, DanAttended several committees and subcommitteesPM employee15,195
Holcomb, Larry Holcomb Environment ServicesAttended meetings, participated in several subcommittees and technical committeesTobacco industry consultant15,56,57,177,186,192,196–198
Janus, Walter Gershon Meckler AssociatesAttended committee meetingsTobacco industry consultant177
Logue, MayadaParticipated in subcommittee, attended all meetings; appendix S subcommitteePhilip Morris Management Corporation employee15,59,175
Meckler, Gershon Gershon Meckler AssociatesAttended committee meetingsTobacco industry consultant177,199–201
Meckler, Milton The Meckler GroupParticipated in the committee that developed standard 62-1989, liaison to 62 from a technical committee in the development of 62-1999, ASHRAE TC9.1Tobacco industry consultant177,186,192,194,202
Moschandreas, Demetrios J62-1989 development committee, technical committee memberCIAR grantee and scientific board203
Nelson, PaulASHRAE member; attended meetingsRJR employee 92 208
Sterling, T Simon Fraser University and Sterling & Associates and Sterling, Elia M. Theodor D. Sterling and Associates LtdParticipated in several committees Participated in the committee that developed standard 62-1989, TC 9.9 liaison to 62 (development of 62-1999 + app. S)Tobacco industry consultants 186,192,194,198,201,204,205
Turner, Simon ACVA Atlantic, later Healthy Buildings InternationalParticipated in meetings and subcommittees st. 99Tobacco industry consultant18,186,192,198
Witorsch, PhilipMember of subcommittee working on st. 99 (1993)Tobacco industry consultant15
Woods, James Virginia Tech UniversityChair of the committee that developed 62-1981, in the development of 62-1989, member of Standards committeeLater received a grant from Philip Morris to develop ventilation technology.58,206 Advisory board member, CIAR203
Wilson, Robin KASHRAE member, attended committee meetingsRJR employee92,207