Table 2

Acquisition of tobacco from social sources, by grade and level of smoking

Smoking levelGrade
< DailyDaily8910
*Comparisons between daily smokers and <daily smokers, p<0.0001.
†Comparisons by grade level, p<0.0001.
‡The n for smoking level is less than for grade because of missing responses for number of cigarettes.
Ever got cigarettes:
    from sibling? (yes)*32%56%44%45%46%
    from parent? (yes)*†11%36%19%27%28%
    from other teen? (yes)*†76%87%77%81%85%
    from other adult (yes)*†34%71%47%55%58%
Ever stolen cigarettes, not from a store? (yes)*†20%36%32%31%25%
How many teens got cigarettes from, past month?*†
    2–5 different teens51%45%45%48%48%
    >5 different teens9%44%25%28%30%
Ever bought cigarettes from a teen, not in a store? (yes)*50%86%68%72%69%