Table 3

Provision of tobacco to other teens, by grade and level of smoking

Level of smokingGrade
*Comparison between less than daily and daily smokers p<0.0001.
†Comparison among grade levels p<0.0001.
‡Comparison among grade levels p< 0.004.
§Comparison among grade levels p<0.001.
Ever given tobacco:
    To underage teen? (yes)*†59%89%72%75%79%
    Sibling (yes)*‡9%25%18%19%17%
    Same age friend/acquaintance (yes)*†50%76%60%62%68%
    Younger friend/acquaintance (yes)*‡13%38%23%26%29%
Given tobacco to how many teens, past month?*§
    2–5 different teens30%37%32%33%35%
    >5 different teens7%45%26%30%32%
How often do you give tobacco to teens?*§
    Less than once/week or not at all91%48%70%68%62%
    About once/week5%14%9%11%11%
    More than once/week4%38%21%21%26%
Have you ever sold tobacco to another teen? (yes)*‡28%69%47%54%51%