Table 1

Examples of projects introducing “younger adult smoker” (YAS) product concepts

Project nameGoalResearch
Source: industry documents.53–56
XGOverall product superiority to Marlboro among 18–24 year old malesAreas identified for improvement were smoothness and sweetness delivery
TSB (two-stage blend)Provide “hidden” new/unconventional technology allowing manipulation of impact/perceptionSeparate blends at front and back end of cigarette; high initial impact with less harshness, “taste burnout”
FC/ QQSmooth, satisfying tobacco taste and a distinctly masculine/ individualistic brand imageWide circumference cigarette (Camel Wides)
RUMilder, smoother, lighter Camel LightsUsed G7-25 (DAP) reconstituted blend and “smoothness enhanced top dressing” (Camel Special Lights)
FAT (fresh after taste)Fresh aftertaste to appeal to young/ new smokers“Minty” taste achieved through subliminal levels of menthol