Table 1

Chronology of selected industry documents involving taste, puff volume, and vent blocking from various manufacturers 1955 to 1994*

Philip MorrisBAT/B&W/ImperialRJ ReynoldsLorillard
*The cites in this table are meant to be illustrative rather than representative of materials on this topic to be found on the internet. We have found that new documents are added frequently. We are not able to summarise all the documents considered and have left out documents that in large part duplicate information found in other documents (for example, separate reports of the same study).
1955Puff volume 75 Taste 49
1956Taste 53
1959Taste 50,55
1960Taste 54
1967Puff volume 86,87
Vent blocking 125
1968Vent blocking 122
1970Puff volume 97
1971Puff volume 78
1972Puff volume 79
1974Puff volume 109
1975Puff volume 76,81
1977Puff volume 77,82,107Puff volume 108Vent blocking 120,121
Vent blocking 108
1978Puff volume 88Puff volume 112
1979Puff volume 103Puff volume 101
1980Puff volume 74Taste 59Puff volume 93,94
1981Puff volume 95,96
1982Vent blocking 123,124Taste 47Puff volume 102Puff volume 111
Vent blocking 119
1983Puff volume 80
1984Puff volume 84Puff volume 20
Vent blocking 130
1985Vent blocking 131
1986Puff volume 98
1987Puff volume 105
1989Taste 60
1990Taste 65Puff volume 92
1994Taste 44,45Puff volume 110