Table 5

Responses to questions about symptoms and asthma—proportion reporting symptom, by category of workplace smoking policy

Hospitality workers
Government workersSmokefree workplacesSmoking only in designated areasNo smoking restrictionsAll workers in smokefree workplacesAll workers in workplaces that allow smokingPrevalence ratio†
ABCDE (= A+B)F (=C+D)F/E
*With the exception of the questions about asthma, all questions asked about symptoms experienced in the preceding four weeks. Responses in columns A to F are recorded as the proportions of respondents who answered “yes” to each question.
†Based on hospitality workers in premises permitting smoking (column F) relative to all unexposed workers (column E).
CI, confidence interval.
Wheezing in chest0. to 2.47
Short of breath0.1400.250.330.120.282.410.99 to 5.87
Cough in morning0.200.150.330.170.221.310.55 to 3.12
Frequently cough0. to 4.03
Frequent phlegm0.1800.350.420.150.382.531.18 to 5.29
Eye irritation0.4200.250.50.350.340.980.54 to 1.77
Running nose0.440. to 1.89
Sore throat0.320.20.30.330.300.311.040.55 to 1.98
Asthma diagnosed0.340. to 1.60
Asthma medicine taken0. to 2.50