Table 2

Summary of internal fire safe research projects

Project nameCompanyDateResearch targetsResults
Source: Industry documents 19,31,34,35,39,48,49,71,72
HamletPM1982-87Non-porous paper, banded paper, reduced chalk, base treated paper, double wrapped paper, blend and flavour modificationsAchieved low ignition propensity cigarette with subjectives at parity to control
(Unnamed)BW1983-89Non-porous paper, banded paper, slow burn paperAbandoned goal of self extinguishment to target ignition propensity
LIP (low ignition propensity)RJR1988-90Circumference, expanded tobacco, and paper porosityNo consumer acceptable prototype
TomorrowPM1987-Mass burn rates targeted via expanded tobacco, tobacco cut, paper porosity, additives, and banded wrappersAchieve successful prototype using banded wrappers (2000 Merit)
IP (ignition propensity)RJR1991-Altered blends and paper porosity, use of burn additives“No significant difference in acceptance”
Reduce ignition propensityBW1993Low porosity paper, burn additives, banded paper, cross hatch papersNo successful prototypes