Table 2

Distribution, internal reliability, and one week test-retest reliability of indicators of nicotine dependence symptoms among grade 7 past three month smokers

Internal reliabilityTest-retest reliability
Indicator*n†Mean‡ (SD)MedianRangen†Cronbach’s αAgreement (%)ICC (lower 95% CI)
*Analyses were conducted using continuous scores.
†Sample size varied because of missing values.
‡Means were calculated as the total score divided by the sum of the total number of items responded to.
§Among n=14 past three month smokers in one school with 85 subjects.
CI, confidence interval; HONC, Hooked on Nicotine Checklist; ICC, Intraclass correlation coefficient; ICD-10, International statistical classification of diseases and related health problems, 10th revision; NA, not applicable; ND, nicotine dependence.
ICD-102331.2 (1.6)1.00–61830.9113100.00.49 (≥−0.01)
HONC2334.3 (3.4)4.00–111920.871478.60.81 (≥0.51)
ND/cravings23312.0 (9.5)9.60–381680.9412NA0.91 (≥0.75)
Withdrawal2143.4 (4.5)1.00–182060.8811NA0.78 (≥0.40)
Self medication2092.3 (2.9)1.00–122050.859NA0.74 (≥0.27)