Table 3

Results of logistic regression analysis predicting validated past-week abstinence* from five variables (n=280)

PredictorAdjusted odds ratio95% CIp Value
*Coded as 0 (abstinent) or 1 (non-abstinent).
†Coded as 0 (comparison) or 1 (intervention).
‡Coded as 1 (female) or 2 (male).
§Response categories ranged from 1 (0 cigarettes on a typical day) to 11 (more than 40 cigarettes on a typical day).
¶Response categories ranged from 1 (immediately after waking) to 6 (more than 2 hours after waking).
**Actual number of attempts during the past 3 months.
Condition†0.370.171 to 0.7860.010
Sex‡0.880.409 to 1.870.730
Amount smoked per day§1.581.12 to 2.220.009
Minutes to first cigarette of the day¶0.860.705 to 1.060.160
Number of recent quit attempts**0.880.714 to 1.090.242