Table 2

Respondents’ awareness of tobacco harm reduction

QuestionRespondent category (number of respondents)*
All (1473)Researcher/scientists (199)Activists/advocates (338)p ValueNational/international (117)State/local (963)p Value
*Sample sizes include all individuals who selected an answer that placed them in the relevant respondent category. Due to attrition and exclusion of “unsure” and “rather not answer” responses, the number of cases included in each calculation may be smaller.
†Respondents answering “unsure” were categorised with those answering “no” for this one question. For all other questions, all “unsure” and “rather not answer” responses were excluded from the calculations.
‡Asked of those who responded “yes” to the first question.
Familiar with “tobacco harm reduction” before survey? (% answering yes)†69.786.966.6<0.00181.266.20.001
When first heard about THR?§
    ⩽past year28.516.632.1<0.00122.533.60.026
    >1, ⩽2 years ago30.725.
    >2, ⩽5 years ago31.943.626.338.227.6
    >5 years ago8.914.79.611.26.2
Sources of THR information‡
    Scientific conferences64.180.554.4<0.00174.758.80.004
    Scientific or professional journals60.774.653.5<0.00173.656.10.002
    Conversations with medical professionals or colleagues24.527.226.30.83425.322.60.580
    Conversations with non-medical colleagues49.652.157.60.27856.346.60.089
    Newspapers, magazines, television, or radio30.720.737.3<0.00131.031.50.941
    Tobacco industry reports and documents24.724.831.80.13532.223.30.071
How much attention does THR receive within the field of tobacco control now? (% answering a fair amount to a great deal/% little or none)42.9/57.154.6/45.436.4/63.6<0.00158.2/41.837.0/63.0<0.001
How much attention will THR receive 10 years from now? (% answering a fair amount to a great deal/% little or none)82.7/17.388.3/11.782.4/17.60.08487.2/12.880.7/19.30.106