Table 5

Respondents’ beliefs about whether health professionals should recommend THR products to smokers who cannot or will not quit

QuestionRespondent category (number of respondents)*
All (1473)Researcher/scientists (199)Activists/advocates (338)p Value†National/international (117)State/local (963)p Value†
*Sample sizes include all individuals who selected an answer that placed them in the relevant respondent category. Due to attrition and exclusion of “unsure” and “rather not answer” responses, the number of cases included in each calculation may be smaller.
†χ2 test calculated as a 3×2 table, including the neutral responses (not shown above).
‡Percentages do not add to 100% because neutral responses have not been included in the table.
For all items, results given as % answering in favour of recommending use/% opposed
Cigarettes that heat but do not burn tobacco10.0/77.36.7/81.79.1/75.50.42514.3/71.411.0/76.90.487
Conventional smokeless tobacco products6.2/90.24.7/90.06.2/90.60.4048.5/83.06.4/90.60.008
Very low nitrosamine smokeless tobacco products11.0/81.115.1/74.79.6/83.20.09318.6/71.110.0/83.20.012
Nicotine patches75.8/17.578.2/16.074.5/18.90.64781.8/12.774.4/18.40.238
Tobacco lozenges39.3/48.043.0/40.533.3/54.80.01439.8/45.239.4/49.00.577
Cigarettes with ⩾1 carcinogen removed7.2/87.24.4/87.46.2/88.20.37510.1/87.27.3/87.00.275
Nicotine gum69.9/21.676.1/14.967.9/22.80.00281.1/12.666.7/25.00.007
Nicotine-free cigarettes17.2/72.415.9/76.116.2/70.20.15920.6/69.217.1/72.90.654
Low tar and nicotine cigarettes6.9/89.02.1/91.76.7/89.90.0238.0/87.57.6/88.30.970