Table 1

Sociodemographic characteristics of respondents (n=301)

 %% of smokers% of non- smokersp Value
NS, not significant.
Age (years)
Educational attainment
    High school/GED9.620.86.2
    Vocational school10.315.38.9
    Some college26.923.628.3
    College/university degree37.531.938.5
    Graduate/professional degree15.68.318.10.001
Smoking status: cigarettes
    Daily smoker17.4
    Occasional smoke6.7
Presence of a smoking roommate14.727.810.70.001
Households with at least one smoker33.8100.012.50.001
Proportion of friends who are smokers
    A few51.832.158.9
    Less than half11.616.710.1
    About half14.332.17.8
    Most or all7.