Table 1

Average weekly expenditure by household type, year to March 1997 (122% added to reported tobacco spending). Deciles are for equivalised disposable household income

1 adult, 1 or more children ($NZ)Lowest income decile ($NZ)Second lowest income decile ($NZ)All households ($NZ)
*The tobacco spending is the average for those households which report that spending, not the average for all households of that type.
†Tobacco as a percentage of total spending, adjusted for the underreporting of tobacco spending. Households with smokers are assumed to have non-tobacco spending that was similar to households without smokers.
‡Percentage of which is on tobacco.
Spending area
    Tobacco*28 (6.1%†)34 (7.3%†)35 (9.1%†)56 (8.1%†)
Total reported spending446448366663
Total spending adjusted for underreporting461467385694
Adjusted total spending less housing301 (9.3%‡)337 (10.1%‡)255 (13.7%‡)560 (10%‡)