Table 3

Logistic regression predicting cessation behaviour (quitting, attempts to quit, or reduced smoking) at three month follow up

VariableBp ValueOR95% CI
CI, confidence interval; OR, adjusted odds ratio.
    Sex (0 = male)0.04NS1.040.65 to 1.67
    Education−0.02NS0.980.90 to 1.08
Baseline smoking status
    Smoking years−0.09NS0.920.77 to 1.10
    Cigarettes per day−0.050.0020.950.92 to 0.98
    Prior quit attempts0.080.0051.091.03 to 1.15
    Intentions to quit (0 = no intention, 1 =  intention to quit within 6 months)0.780.0062.221.26 to 3.91
Depth of processing of the warnings0.07<0.0011.071.03 to 1.12