Table 1

Prevalence of tobacco use by sex and race in 11 Massachusetts public colleges, 1999*

All n=1248Male n=511Female n=737p ValueWhite n=1063Black n=34Asian n=34Hispanic n=62p Value†
*Results on race exclude data on students reporting Native American or other race.
†p Values for χ2 or Fisher's exact test.
Total tobacco
    Current use33.237.630.10.00634.714.715.129.00.009
    Past year use46.453.341.6<0.00149.026.521.232.3<0.001
    Lifetime use64.568.861.50.00967.038.236.456.5<0.001
    Current use29.329.029.40.87230.98.814.725.80.005
    Past year use38.737.239.70.36640.917.720.627.40.001
    Lifetime use56.252.358.90.02158.629.429.451.6<0.001
    Current use6.010.9 2.6<0.0016.2 5.9 03.30.486
    Past year use19.433.2 9.8<0.00120.8 8.8
    Lifetime use35.356.720.5<0.00137.511.820.621.3<0.001
Smokeless tobacco
    Current use2.66.4 02.8 0 01.60.412
    Past year use5.712.5 1.0<0.0016.2 0
    Lifetime use15.630.8 5.2<0.00116.6 0