Table 1

Attitudes of the Ontario adult population concerning the tobacco industry, its products, and tobacco industry denormalisation strategies (nā€Š=ā€Š1607)

Per cent agreement95% CI
Attitudes toward the tobacco industry and its products
The tobacco industry rarely/never tells the truth about the health effects of smoking7573 to 77
Cigarettes are too dangerous to be sold at all5654 to 59
The tobacco industry is mostly/completely responsible for health problems smokers have because of their smoking4340 to 46
The tobacco industry is most responsible for young people starting to smoke2219 to 24
Attitudes toward tobacco industry denormalisation strategies
Tobacco should be regulated as a hazardous product8280 to 84
The tobacco industry should be fined by the government for the money they earn from young people under 19 who smoke6461 to 66
The Ontario government should sue tobacco companies for health care costs caused by tobacco products5552 to 58
The Ontario government should sue the tobacco companies for the taxes lost because of cigarette smuggling4037 to 43