Table 3

Summary of bivariate and multivariate findings

SexAgeEducationSmoking statusKnowledge scoreGovernment responsibility score
*p<0.05; **p<0.01; ***p<0.001.
Bivariate analysis
The tobacco industry rarely/never tells the truth about the health effects of smoking* (male)nsns*****ns
Cigarettes are too dangerous to be sold at all** (female)nsns*********
The tobacco industry is mostly/completely responsible for the health problems smokers have because of their smokingnsnsns*********
The tobacco industry is most responsible for young people starting to smokensnsns********
Tobacco should be regulated as a hazardous product*** (female)nsns*********
The tobacco industry should be fined for the money they earn from young people under 19 who smoke*** (female)*** (younger)ns*********
The Ontario government should sue tobacco companies for health care costs caused by tobacco productsnsns** (more educated)*********
The Ontario government should sue the tobacco companies for the taxes lost because of cigarette smugglingnsnsns*********
Multivariate analysis
Denormalisation scalensnsns*********