Table 1

Trends in percentages of cigar smoking by sex and age

MTS: 1993 (n=4733)MATS: 1995-96 (n=4929)MATS: 1997-98 (n=5690)MATS: 1999-2000* (n=4249)
Age (years)Sex: cigar smoking%±CI%±CI%±CI%±CI
All percentages are weighted to adjust for sampling design. Ns are unweighted.
*First half of 2000 only.
†Estimated by deducting approximate number of pipe smokers. There were virtually no pipe smokers among the 18–34 year old group.
MATS, Massachusetts Adult Tobacco Survey; MTS, Massachusetts Tobacco Survey; CI, 95% confidence interval.
18–34Men: pipe/cigar smoker5.
Men: cigar smoking5.8†11.5†18.25.813.56.3
Women: pipe/cigar smoker1.
Women: cigar smoker1.2†1.1†
35–49Men: pipe/cigar smoker9.
Men: cigar smoker9.3†10.8†9.53.813.85.5
Women: pipe/cigar smoker0.
Women: cigar smoker0.7†1.6†
50+Men: pipe/cigar smoker9.
Men: cigar smoker6.4†4.2†
Women: pipe/cigar smoker0.
Women: cigar smoker0.9†1.4†