Table 2

Citrate content of cigarettes and paper

ProductCountry of manufactureCitrate mg per paper (% by weight)Citrate mg per tobacco column
*Assumes a tobacco column weighing the same as for the same brand of manufactured cigarettes (Holiday 749 mg, Horizon 674 mg, Marlboro 709 mg, Merit 647 mg).
In hand rolled cigarette tobacco and papers
HolidayNew ZealandNot applicable14.94*
HorizonNew ZealandNot applicable13.32*
MarlboroBelgiumNot applicable14.96*
Zig Zag:FranceNot applicable
    Rice<0.0015 (<0.003)
    Blue<0.0015 (<0.004)
    Grey<0.0015 (<0.003)
Rizla:European UnionNot applicable
    Red0.0017 (0.004)
    Green0.037 (0.077)
    Blue0.033 (0.079)
In manufactured cigarettes
HolidayNew Zealand0.405 (1.001)<0.018
HorizonNew Zealand0.302 (0.743)<0.018
MarlboroUSA0.755 (1.798)8.76
MeritUSA0.418 (0.853)10.23