Table 3

Trends in experimentation with cigars by sex and age

MATS: 1997-98 (n=5690)MATS: 1999-2000* (n=4249)
Sex, age%±CI%±CI
Data shown are based on the question, “Have you ever tried smoking a cigar—even a puff—in the past 12 months?”, and were collected from samples between December 1996 and December 1999.
All percentages are weighted to adjust for sampling design. Ns are unweighted.
*First half of 2000 only. See footnote to table 1 for explanation of abbreviations.
Men 18–3442.
Women 18–3415.84.711.24.2
Men 35–4925.65.823.06.4
Women 35–495.
Men 50+
Women 50+