Table 1

Results of logistic regression on choice of willpower and bupropion

MethodStepPredictorOR95% CI for OR
**p<0.005; ***p<0.001.
Ticking a cessation method was coded as 1.
Test result was coded 1 for gene positive and 0 for gene negative. Information provision was coded 1 for provided and 0 for not provided.
Predictors were evaluated at a p=0.0083 to correct for multiple comparisons.
CI, confidence interval; OR, odds ratio.
Willpower1Age1.0060.984 to 1.028
Sex0.7240.421 to 1.244
Time to first cigarette1.2700.982 to 1.642
Considering quitting1.3550.784 to 2.341
Educational qualifications1.8900.985 to 3.627
2Test result0.302**0.142 to 0.644
Information provision0.7500.349 to 1.611
3Test result × information provision1.1750.400 to 3.452
Bupropion1Age0.958**0.934 to 0.983
Sex1.1850.656 to 2.142
Time to first cigarette0.7530.566 to 1.002
Considering quitting0.8930.493 to 1.618
Educational qualifications0.6790.325 to 1.420
2Test result4.717***2.043 to 10.891
Information provision1.2790.526 to 3.111
3Test result × information provision1.3820.423 to 4.510