Table 1

Beliefs about the safety of cigarette filters and the problem of filter fibre fallout

Question Smokers
n (%)
Former smokers
n (%)
Do you think a filter makes a cigarette safer than the same cigarette without a filter?Yes30  (58)14  (58)
No22 (42)10 (42)
Have you ever noticed if the filter material comes off in your mouth when you smoke?Yes3 (6)1 (4)
No49 (94)22 (96)
Have you ever heard of any research on whether filter material can get into smokers' lungs?Yes11 (21)4 (17)
No42 (79)19 (83)
If cigarette filter fibres are inhaled into the lungs or eaten, would you consider this an additional health risk beyond the exposure to tobacco itself?Yes47 (90)22 (96)
No5 (10)1 (4)
If you were to learn that some of the filter material is inhaled into your lungs, would this new knowledge increase your chances of quitting?Yes26 (50)NA
No27 (50)
If cigarette fibres become loose, and the cigarette companies are aware of this, do you think they have an obligation to warn the public about this?Yes53 (100)24 (100)
No0 (0)0 (0)